Friday, October 14, 2011

Autum Tints and Rising Trout

The views just now, as autumn intensifies the colours and the light is lower and more raking, are wonderful on the Great Western Greenway (GWR) between East Tonragee and Mulranny village. On one of my walks this week the Nephins range of hills beyond Blacksod Bay were beautiful in beiges and golds.
After recent heavy rain, the Owenduff river near Ballycroy (well-know for its salmon fishing) was tumbling down the hills in a white rush - magnificent!
Around the estuary, near the Owenduff river in East Tonragee, the seaweed was a lovely deep saffron contrasting with the dark mud, rocks and silvery-blue water colours.
The curving, arched, blue-painted steel and wood bridge is always a delight to cross, and I am unable to resist looking for rising small trout each time I do. In the evenings, if the time is right for the rise (ie the trout are hungry and flies plentiful), the surface shows sporadic rings that betray their feeding.
To my right the elegant hills of the Corraun massif became a lovely distraction with their steep sides of scree and moorland rising in stately majesty above the dark evergreen pine forestry.
Further on, Ballacragher bay, backed by the eastern end of the Nephins - the rugged little hills of Claggan and Bing coloured with deep russet rannoch(ferns)- was a delight.
I turned back shortly afterwards, retracing my steps with a smile on my face and a glow in my cheeks after a short but rewarding walk of about 5kms in just over one hour.
The GWR is perfect to dip in and out of like this, completing small stretches at a time. Most rewarding and highly recommended.

Happy Rambling,